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Advertise with Us: is India’s leading bargain hunting website where we help avid shoppers find the Best Deals, Freebies, Contests Giveaways, Discount Coupons and many more on the online platform. ShoppingCompanies is currently working with most of the top e-­commerce website’s namely,,,, etc. We are promoting their brands and thus helping them generate more revenue out of their inventory.

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Do you want to promote your offers on or would like to share any queries, thoughts, ideas, feedback ? We are always there to help you. Just fill up the short form below and we will contact you soon

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We would love to listen from you !

Call OR WhatsApp at +91 9574813329 ( Mon-Sun,10AM-8PM )


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What’s Job of Digital Marketing Companies in Ahmedabad ?

Services offered by Online Advertising Agencies in Ahmedabad ?

In current era of Digital Marketing in Ahmedabad, there are very few options are available with Corporate Companies and Entrepreneur offering Unique Services to their end clients. One of the main job of any Digital Advertising Company of Ahmedabad is to find out “Web Portal” having significant amount of Daily Visitors and Mature Readers, along with Unique and important content useful in either their routine life or in business purpose. If these satisfy, one need to check aspect of design, look and overall experience of Portal which would serves advertising options like Banner Advertisement, Classified Ads, Rotating Flash Banner, Expanding Banners, Fix Position Advertising, Email Marketing Campaign etc…

It’s little tough to explain job of “Digital Advertising Agencies in Ahmedabad”, still let’s try to get better idea on similar aspects…

Most important point in Internet Marketing is to convert “Visitors into Leads” and “Leads into Business”, and hence every step or every point must leads to end point, where visitor feels that he got a solution for which he was looking for. If Portal is all about to Ahmedabad, then it must contains details of important aspects of Ahmedabad like development story, sector wise growth, festivals details, routine happenings, new opportunities, key Highlightment etc.. to catch visitors from Search Engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing to the page, where related advertisement is available of Advertisers from Ahmedabad.

We are writing this, as we have faced all above queries from our Ahmedabad Advertisers, in our last 5 years career as Leading Digital Marketing Agency in Ahmedabad.

Areas Which we are covering locally and Globally, under Shopping Companies portal

  1. Classified
  2. Real Estate
  3. Export
  4. Healthcare
  5. Education
  6. Tourism Industry
  7. Entertainment
  8. Matrimonial
  9. Hospitality Services
  10. Medical & Health Care Industry
  11. Business to Business  Services
  12. Lots of Informatics Section for various segment

Few Points Which Will Really Help You to Take FAST and RIGHT Decision for your Organization ….. 

  • is the site of choice of INDIA, UK and US based high tech professionals.
  • Top ranked links by many Popular Search engines including Google, yahoo, Antya, Alta Vista, MSN etc.
  • Highly trafficked web site, gets millions of hits per month because of Hundreds of Thousands Possible Matches.
  • Due to largest Global Visitors and Database of Members on your advertisement  can attain a Maximum coverage.
  • Companies who advertised with experienced an overwhelming effective response.
  • has extremely low and affordable advertisement rates compared to the market.
  • Users trust is our key value and that makes more possibilities for you to get the business, not just the click.
  • Visitors trust is important to us, and we are concerned about their interest. We take advertisement only from authentic companies and services.

 Who can Advertise ?

  • International & Domestic  Airlines
  • Bankers
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Air Tickets International & Domestic
  • Restaurants
  • Honeymoon Packages Service Provider
  • Marriages & Party Halls
  • Catering Services
  • Gift to USA and Gift to INDIA
  • Sweet Shop
  • Wedding Card dealers
  • A travel agency
  • A software consulting company
  • Traditional Garments and apparels merchants
  • Jewelers
  • Astrologers, International couriers and Parcels.

Bridal wears, Groom wears Merchants, Cosmetic and perfume manufactures, Watches, Electronic and Electric appliances merchants, art and craft dealers.

Jobs and Placement Service Provider etc.. is best medium for ” Online Advertising in India ” and ” Digital Marketing in India “

In Gujarat State, We cover Gujarat Cities Ahmedabad Vadodara Rajkot Surat Baroda Kutch Bhuj Vapi Jamnagar Bhavnagar Gandhinagar Anand Morbi Bharuch Vidyanagar Baroda Una Gandhidham for Online Advertising and Internet Marketing, Where we highly target Tier 1 Cities like Ahmedabad Vadodara Rajkot and Surat in Gujarat India

How can help to promote your business?

  • Banner Ads can be a perfect tool to get highest audience to your website.
  • Text Links
  • News Letters to Users.
  • Pop Up Advertisement
  • Search Marketing
  • Strategic Channel Partnership.
  • NO – CPC (Coat Per Click), CPA (Cost Per Acquisition)

This is the Best solution for well established organizations who are Internet enable and targets Global Indians.

The dawn of the internet era opened up amazing new possibilities for “Web Advertising in India” which is part of “Digital Advertising in India” or also famous as “Online Advertising in India“. Thus with its rising urban and educated population there is a tremendous opportunity for Online Advertising and Web Advertising in India.

Indians are rapidly adopting internet as a means for entertainment and education, not only on their computers but also on mobile devices. Even Mobile internet figures are rising at breakneck speed, which augurs well for the growth of Web Advertising in India.

Growth and new business opportunities exists for the online advertising industry in India, due to a large youth population, popularity of social networking sites, growing e-commerce trade, increase in educated population and broadband connectivity, as well as decreasing internet and telecom costs.

Moreover, entry of foreign e-commerce companies is also expected to drive the market for Online Advertising in Gujarat. Digital Advertising in India is also predicted to grow with the popularity of online services, thereby driving the demand for digital advertising services.

Web advertising will also be the fastest form of advertising in the coming years, but will still be a small portion of the Online Advertising. Search Engine Promotions, Banner Advertising, Website Promotion, Email Campaigns and Reciprocal Linking are the most popular methods of promoting your site due to the efficiency, reach, and effectiveness they offer.

Among the various Online Ad categories, Digital Advertising in India has always been the leading segment. Sectors such as travel, Banking, Real Estate, Tourism Industry, Telecom, Auto and Online publishers dominated the Digital Advertising segment.

The main aim to advertise is to hike the consumption of the concerned company’s product/service and to create a brand name of their products and service in the minds of the audience.

The right agency can help you use numerous methods to promote your business online and generate targeted leads. It should not be typical advertising organization. Rather it should employ a wider choice of disciplines that approach the advertising challenge from many different fronts: Branding tactics, Internet Marketing, Internet Advertising, Promotions, Marketing Collateral, Website promotion, Internet Media, Search Engine Optimization, Event Marketing, Corporate Branding, Social Media Promotion, and anything else that help to move the sales curve in the right way. is one such pioneer Web Advertising and Digital Advertising Company in India which provides the complete pin to plane solution of all kinds of advertising and marketing such as Web Advertising, Online Advertising, Digital Advertising, Banner Advertising, Newsletter Advertising, Internet Marketing, Display Advertising and all.

As Online Marketing in India is a bit trickier than the regular advertising methods, it is of great advantage if you choose a qualified marketing company to handle your online advertising.

Now-a-days as the number of Internet and phone users in Gujarat is increasing rapidly, online medium is set to play a bigger role in advertising, enabling marketers to reach out to a bigger number of target customers even in Gujarat. Online advertising and marketing techniques have become the buzz words for creating brand awareness and building credibility, among business initiatives online. The Online Advertising services of Shopping Companies Web Portal helps their clients to get closer to their target audience, strike a good rapport with them, increase their site traffic and generate leads.

At, we understand that for an online business to perform, Web Advertising, Internet Marketing, Digital Advertising, Web Marketing, Online Marketing, Internet Advertising, Digital Marketing and Online Advertising in India does not end at delivering quality traffic, instead it stretches up to increasing conversion rate and rendering accurate result analysis to bring your business on next era in highly competitive Indian market.